Thursday, May 10, 2012

Slipping, Sliding and Attitude Revising

Yesterday was one of those days.

My head was put into a large, metal vise and squeezed.  Someone stood just to my right and banged a hammer over the right side of my head and a knife continually sliced my cranium right down the middle through most of the day.

Okay, well really, I had a terrible headache.

And it was gray and cloudy outside.

And it was raining (not enough to make that cool pitter patter sound).

In search of a story in the local online newspaper, I found this:

Had I been in a lighter mood, I'll admit this list might have made me laugh - yesterday, though, it just all seemed rather dark.

I looked forward to retrieving my kids and hoped their happy spirits might bring a little sunshine into the day.  That was not to be.  My kids got off of the bus without their usual happy faces.  Everyone had had a tough day and there were lots of stories about disappointments.  Ugghh.  Ugghh.  Ugghh.

We headed home, no one able to pump up another - it just wasn't looking good.  I know some days are like that, but that doesn't make it any easier.  You know what it's like - you keep trying but you just can't dig yourself out of the ditch.  I began to write off the day and moved begrudgingly about my afternoon work.

After a while, the house got very quiet;  the drizzle and gray permeated the house.  I sat in the midst of it - everyone wasn't that helpless, though, and that was the best surprise of the day.

I couldn't find Emma and Harry anywhere, but I began to hear some giggles from far off.  I looked around the house.  Couldn't find them anywhere.  After a while I opened the door to give them a yell.

That's when I realized they were the smart ones - they got out of the gloominess and made their own great day.  The two of them were laughing, jumping, slipping and sliding, having a ball on the trampoline.  And they were doing it all in the pouring rain.

Poof, my attitude adjusted, just by seeing them.  Watching them was a great reminder to press on when I'm stuck, even if the conditions are not perfect.  It made me remember that fun is out there, sometimes just waiting on us to make it happen.  The two of them revised our moods, our afternoons and our attitudes.   And they did it all in the rain.

I guess that's proof positive that it's possible and I hope I remember that on the next gloomy day.

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