Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother, Daughter, Love and Laughs

You all know I love my job.  To follow are a few reasons why . . .

It's special to spend time with good people - sometimes people you've known a long time - and capture some of their fun and love to preserve forever.  What a time I had with these two . . . an awesome Mama and her daughter home from college.  I've watched Madelyn grow up and photographing the beautiful young woman she has become was a delight.

I'll post a few of the beautiful photos and I'm making a point to include some of the craziness, the tenderness, the laughs and the touches, too.  Those are some of the best parts!  I love to look for the hand holding and one looking into the other's eyes and those devilish looks when they are having fun together.

I hope these photos will serve as a remembrance for both of them of the incredibly special bond they share.

Feeling thankful for good people, good times and the ever-practicing eye of a photographer . . .

(And . . . did I mention the little run-in with the goose family?) 
I think you can see from the following few photos that Madelyn and Mother Goose 
weren't happy to see each other!  You just must love location surprises!

The get-away shot had to be included!

Here's to Mamas and their babies and to enjoying the moment!

Check the gallery page on my website for the complete set of photographs:

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