Friday, May 4, 2012

List 17 - a few things that I think would be different if kids were in charge!

Earlier this week, I heard a good interview on NPR (I'm always hearing good interviews on NPR) about A Wrinkle in Time.  The host was questioning a professor about the book, its meanings and what the book was about.  At one point the professor got stuck on different themes in the book.  He chuckled about how hard it can be to break down a story's meaning; and then he said, "I've always said that if you want to write a book, but it's too hard for adults to understand, you should write a children's book."

Interesting.  I did not hear the entire interview, but I kept that comment with me, long after turning off the radio.  I can easily accept the prof's statement.  I agree that sometimes we allow so many things to come into our brains, that we might just be too overwhelmed to notice some of the simple things that slap us in the face day after day after day.

And that got me thinking . . . wondering . . . are there obvious truths that kids are able to recognize that we miss?  Are kids actually smarter than us?  (Children of my own - if you are reading this, it does not apply to anything about rule-making as pertains to your current life.)

Sometimes they are.  Sometimes children pick up on things that our cluttered minds are too busy to see ... or feel.

I decided today's list should be a few things that might be different if kids were in charge; if kids had helped us more from the beginning:

  1. We would take breaks more - if we found ourselves in the middle of a hard, tiring task, we would know that it's good to break it up with something fun, relaxing or restful.
  2. Every now and then we'd eat ice cream for dinner.  Period.
  3. When we got the urge to laugh uncontrollably, we would; even if that meant Coca Cola coming out of our noses or having to get up and grab our bellies.
  4. We would learn more about what we wanted to know.  If something interested us, we would keep questioning, delving and searching until we found the answers that satisfied our curiosity.  
  5. 'I' and 'e' would be in the same order in every word.  Letters would have one sound and one sound only.  There would not be silent letters, and 'y' would either be a vowel or not.  
  6. We wouldn't determine whether or not we were going to do something depending upon how recently we had showered.
  7. Sprinklers would frequently be used to enhance moods, causing laughter and better days.
  8. We would do a lot of things 'just for the fun of it.'
  9. We wouldn't work so hard on keeping things quiet, except when it was necessary.  Eating lunch in the cafeteria?  We'd be talking to our friends.  
  10. We would trust our instincts more.
  11. We would allow ourselves and others a bit more daydreaming time.  Every second wouldn't 'count' and we wouldn't be trying to fill it, no matter what.  We would get the value in doing nothing, especially to re-coup when we are worn out.
  12. We wouldn't be so suspicious about everything and everyone.  We would have more trust.
  13. We would know ourselves better.
  14. In school and in church and whenever we were learning, we'd act out more and use our hands, because we'd remember that we have to do that to really learn.
  15. We'd smile when we feel like it and not when we don't.  It wouldn't mean anything big, but we wouldn't be worried all of the time about how the world is judging us, each and every second.  

What do you think we might do differently if we took more cues from young people?  I wish you would add them in the comment section, so folks could see!


  1. 1. Every house would have a mason jar with lightning bugs in it....a must every summer.

    2. Mandatory requirement for spring afternoons would be to lay in the grass, look up at the sky, and determine what mysterious creatures armalformed by the clouds.

    3. Koolaid would be a staple beverage...including the stained mustache on every child's face.

    4. Everyone would still make wishes when they blew the fuzz off a matter their age.

    5. Kasey Kasem's Amercan Top 40 would be required listening every Sunday afternoon.

    6. Eating watermelon meant seed spitting contests.

    7. Being smart would be more important than being popular.

    8. Baths would be optional.

    9. Pets would include anything found...frogs, worms, caterpillars, etc.

    10. Firework shows happened every weekend.

    11. Licking cake batter didn't come with any worry about somenella.

    12. Kids wanted to be kids....not teenagers or adults.

  2. I LOVE YOUR LIST!!! I think perhaps we could be great children or rulers of the whole world! I love you, friend!
    I hope everyone sees this!


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