Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's possible . . .

Last night I found out that it's possible to pull off a secret, surprise wedding.  It's fun, too.

It's possible for the bride and the groom to make the decision to forgo the original plan and opt for the real wedding of their dreams.

It's possible for them to go on a long-awaited trip to Mexico and leave the plans to family and friends . . . to know that it will all work out.

And it's possible for the two marrying to be in touch just before the service.

It might all just be magical . . .

It's possible that the mother of the bride might be sitting at a sewing machine just minutes before the ceremony and that the calm bride might be fixing her hair.

And they just might serve popcorn at the wedding!

It's possible that folks might think so much of this awesome couple that good friends open their house for the event.

And friends will be happily sitting on bales of hay as they await the wedding.

And the bride might just look like this when she catches the first glimpse of her husband to be.

And it's possible that the thankful groom might lean down to hug the father of the bride, as he brings in his daughter.

It's possible that the sun might just begin setting, glowing in the reflections in the windows, as the new day dawns on this special couple.

The bride might round the corner and throw up her hand in celebration.

And it's possible that this bride and groom might be present enough in the moment that they enjoy every minute of it.

It's possible that the love in the air might bring the bride's grandparents to the dance floor all alone and we might just all watch what long lasting love looks like.

It's possible that a bride and a groom might understand that the day is about the marriage to come and not the wedding itself.  It's possible, I know, because I was there.  

I wish Ashley and Peter the happiest of times together.  

You two are an amazing couple!


  1. Well done Deanna capturing the moments! I feel like I was there too and wish I were. I wish the couple all the very best as they begin their lives together!

  2. Thanks, Sharon. It was a special night and it's so good to be with folks when they 'get it.' (:

  3. WOW....Deana... Peter and I have looked at this page at least a dozen times already! This is absolutely beautiful and we cannot thank you enough for sharing in and helping preserve such precious memories!!!!


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