Monday, July 23, 2012

New Twist on the Monday Morning Photo - Vol. 3

This could be it, folks!  Someone could win today (or, maybe things will go on and you all can have another chance at this most exciting contest of your entire lives) - we'll see.

You know the drill - we've twisted up the old contest - over these few weeks, we're doing a bit of a "where in the world" kind of thing.  I put up the photo.  You check it out.  You guess where it was taken.  You send me your guesses (by fb message or email -  The first person to guess three photos is the winner!

Don't worry, if you're just starting today.  I'll repost the two previous photos.  And, listen up friends, I'm making it harder today!  (:

Remember, you may not recognize the spot, but someone you know might.  Show the photo to others and get some help on identifying it's location. 

The winner will achieve the world wide acclaim that comes with something this enormous, plus the first person to correctly guess the location of three photos will receive
your choice of an 8x10 gallery wrap or an 11x14 print!

If you've had a shoot with me before, you can choose from among the photos in your gallery - if you haven't yet had a shoot, you may save the prize until you do! 

Check out the photo below.  Guess where it was taken.  As soon as you recognize it, send me your guess by fb message or email (  I'll keep up with your correct answers! 

Good luck to the finest blog followers in the land!

Week 3 Photo

 Week 2 Photo

Week 1 Photo

Guess away, my friends!  I'm ready for your answers!

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