Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear God . . .

Dear God,

Thank you for rain and friends and swim team coaches and almonds and squishy peaches grown in Georgia and Wimbledon and summer corn that is sweet and SO much more!

Could I ask a question?  Why is it I can go to sleep with a nice, clear neck and wake up with a two inch hair growing out of the lower left side?


And now for yesterday's mystery photo contest winner - you all did great!  Thanks for playing and for passing the word!

This was the mystery photo:

And here's what it was.  I had lots of 'pepper' guesses, but a ton of you guessed okra!

Amy H. won the random.org drawing from the correct answers.  Amy, you have a free photo session waiting on you and you may gift someone with a free session, too!

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