Friday, May 18, 2012

List 19 . . . Seventeen Country Songs I'm Soon to Write

Friends, you have to see it when you look at me.  I would be a grand country singer.

For today's list I thought I'd shower you with a few of the country songs I might soon write.

Chart-toppers, to be sure - be on the listen:

  1. Babies, if Mama Could Find the Keys, We'd sure 'nough go to Ride
  2. Sometimes I Feel Like Crying When the Laundry Piles up High
  3. Once I went to Mexico and they didn't have no Cheese Dip
  4. Lord, How Did All These Dirty Socks Get All Over my Floor?
  5. The Back Yard Looks Like a Tornada Done Ripped Right Through
  6. When I Opened the Pantry Door, Some Loose Spaghetti Noodles Hit Me 'Tween the Eyes
  7. Ain't Nothin' Purtier than a Silver Mini-van
  8. Honey, We'd Have Some Comp'ny if I Could Find the Dining Room Table
  9. Summer's A Comin' Soon, 'Cause I Can Hear the Skeeter Truck
  10. Don't You Ever Get to Thinkin' You Wish Your Dog Could Talk?
  11. At Times I Feel Embarrassed Without a Cornhole Set
  12. Sleepin' to the Squeak of the Trampoline Springs
  13. Bubba Done Put His Goggles on and Got Back in the Tub
  14. Grandma Never Had to Worry About all these Couponin' Rules
  15. Are all the Armadillas Dead Out on the Bypass?
  16. Wal-mart's Always Easier if You Go In Through the Garden Door
  17. All My Friends are Talking 'Bout Drinking that Aldi Wine
And that's just a few of the country diddles I could write.  Reckon I just need somebody to help me put 'em to music.  

You fixin' to write any?

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