Friday, May 11, 2012

List 18 - My Dream Jobs

Okay, friends, it's time for the Friday list.  Let's pretend today.  (Or, as I said as a child, 'Let's ten-like.')  [Or, as my sister said as a child, 'Let's benten.']  Call it what you will, it's time to undertake a bit of make-believe.

Let's imagine that there are no barriers, money is no object, no training or education is needed.  What would you do, even if just for a day?  What would you like to try?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I'll go first.

When I grow up, I want to be:

  1. One of the people who looks awesome in a wet suit and trains the dolphins.  I'd be the one who rides the dolphins and gets thrown, flying into the air, arching into a magnificent swan dive and entering the water gracefully to swim with my dolphin friends over to hand-feed them (I'm the only one who can feed them - they like me best).
  2. Aretha Franklin.  
  3. A safari guide/driver in the Serengeti.  My old Toyota Land Cruiser has been on the job for a long time and is weathered in that cool way - folks can stand up on their seats to look up and out of the open top and get a better view of the animals.  I'm a specialist at big animal location and the other drivers often search for me to find the best areas.  
  4. A SCUBA diver for National Geographic, responsible for all special coral reef exploration, all over the world.  My underlings search out and find the best dive spots on the earth, and I am the first to dive their pristine waters and uncharted areas.  
  5. A Mexican cliff diver.
  6. Annie Leibovitz.
  7. The top chick on the world's best roller derby team.  
  8. The host of a super cool travel show on tv.  My people scope out unknown travel spots, which I am flown to.  I am wined and dined by the locals and stay in the best suite.  I'm daring, so sometimes I am in quiet corners where no Americans have been.  My experiences are varied, affording me amazing adventures that are fun to talk about with my tv viewers.
  9. A stunt pilot whose plane is uncrashable.
  10. An artist, author, anthropologist combination who lives in a historic beamed cabin on the top of a mountain in the forest, surrounded by amazing views, artistic pieces, fine wine and fabulous friends.  
Ahhhhhhh.  That was fun.  Try it!  Put your career options in the comments section of the blog - I want you all to meet each other!  

Loosen up, friends, and ten-like you can do anything!  Go for it!  


  1. I'll go first cause my list is, while ridiculous, very true:

    1. Semi-Truck Driver. I want to honk my horn when the children in the car next to me do the little "pull your horn string" thingy. I also want to see the United States from a Flying J Truck Stop perspective . . .
    2. Victoria Secret and/or Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Model. This is so I can make loads of cash doing virtually nothing but wagging my butt on the beach all day showing off my spray tan and also so I would never be tempted to eat another Vortex Burger because models don’t eat pub food . . .
    3. Country Music Star. I would have to sing on the Grand Ole Opry Stage and I could play Guitar and the Harmonica at the same time. I also like the potential excitement of living on a bus that costs $600k and having custom made cow boy boots, belts and leather jackets with cool fringe . . .
    4. I would like to take $500 out of my savings account and become an instant millionaire by inventing something that everyone buys into. Like the inventor of Crocs or the inventor of Spanx. I mean really?

    I know I can come up with another 200 items – these are my top 4.

  2. Disney Imagineer
    Writer for the Simpsons
    Steve Jobs
    Sea World Dolphin trainer
    Writer for any great TV show
    A scientist who understands string theory, fractals, or any other intellectual theory.
    Member of any influential rock band - preferably not strung out on drugs

  3. 1. FBI profiler- I would love to study the minds of it genetic, environmental? Can certain personalities be more prone to crime?

    2. World renowned chef- I would love to master the art of cooking and own my own restaurant.

    3. Sign language interpreter

    4. Master gardener- I would love to own acres of land and grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, etc.

    5. Writer- I would love to publish a novel or write a column for a newspaper.

    6. Jack Hannah- I think it would be so cool to work with animals at a zoo.

    7. Stand-up comedian- ahhh, to get paid to make people laugh....perfection!

    8. CIA operative- A mysterious job, full of secret missions that would give you such an adrenaline

    9. Glass blower and/or potter

    10. Documentary filmmaker like Ken Burns- oh, the interesting people you'd meet!


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