Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mountain Memories

My husband and I just returned from the mountains.  We were fortunate enough to cash in on a most wonderful Christmas present from my Dad and stepmother - a fabulous gift certificate for AND the offer to take care of the kids for three nights!  Can you believe it?  We are lucky.  We are loved.  We are thankful.

If you missed my post on THE GRAHAM PACKING ABCs, follow this link.  You don't want to miss this helpful tutorial.

We opted for a cabin, tucked deeply in the woods, and it was the right choice.  It afforded us some time to be quiet and to rest.  We were even (involuntarily) afforded an entire break from the internet, as the wireless access we were promised was not to be.  At first, that was frustrating.  I wanted to spend a few moments each day checking on emails and I wanted to keep posting on the blog.

After a while, though, I began to realize that I was actually thankful for the forced break.  I guess we need that from time to time, huh?  Yep.  I'm not sure many of us would be disciplined enough to make the break ourselves, so Im grateful that the break was made for me!

Now, I'm back in the real world, and most of me is happy to be here!  While we were gone, I decided to keep the camera in the bag for a break from what I do most, but I couldn't help snapping a few photos on the phone.

So, today I hope you'll enjoy a few snapshots from deep in the Cohutta Wilderness, brought to you by me, Pop and Baba and an old iphone . . .

And now, we must announce the winner (chosen at random from the correct answers) to Monday's WHAT IS IT? contest!  I really tricked a bunch of folks this time!  I think I may have received the most varied guesses ever this week!  Thanks for playing.  You can try again next Monday!

This was the photo . . . 

And here is what it is . . . 

A huge congratulations to Denise G.!  Way to go!!!!

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