Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet the Blog Staff

You all have been so supportive of this blog and my dive into this creative adventure - I'm eternally grateful and thankful for your presence, your reading and your comments.

It dawned on me recently that you all should meet some of the other individuals who do so much to make 'Press Pause' work five days a week.  Something like this just cannot be done with one person, and I want you to meet the other folks who work behind the scenes.  It's about time!

Allow me to introduce you to the folks who make it happen:

Meet Sadie - she is the blog's Executive Producer.

This is Sadie - she is our staff yoga instructor and fitness guru.

 This is Sadie - she is our night shift security patrol.

Please meet Sadie - she is in charge of odor patrol.

This is Sadie, our staff childcare operator.

Let me introduce you to Sadie, our Editor.

And this is Sadie, our Assistant Editor.

Meet Sadie, our Management Consultant, who likes to have her paws in a little bit of everything.

This is Sadie, our Chief Executive Officer, with a nose for business.

And, last but not least, let me introduce you to Sadie, our Office Manager.  

Suffice it to say that without the hard work and dedication of these special individuals, this blog would not be possible.  

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