Friday, April 27, 2012

List 16 . . . 7 things I've never told anybody

We're getting to know each other better.  It's time to deepen the relationship.

I'll go first.

Here are seven things no one knows about me:

  1. I have a Ped Egg.  There, I've said it.  I bought it a few years ago in the checkout line at Wal-mart.  And, though it hasn't as much as been removed from its plastic shell, I have one; and I think it's important that you know.
  2. I like John Denver.  I really do.  I might be the only person who continues to watch the special, in its entirety, they always replay during the pledge week on PBS.  I know the whole thing . . . I know the part where the ex-wife gets a tad emotional and I always tear up at the end when it's just John and his guitar in that empty auditorium and he sings sweetly about his friend, This Ole Guitar.  And my children were adept at Country Roads at a very early age and knew just when, on a car trip, to begin its verses.                                                                                                                             And, while we are still here at number 2, I should mention a couple of other things.  When I sing Anne Murray, I am a total star - really.  You wouldn't believe how well I can hold my own.  She is my rock star moment; that's how very cool I am.  Believe it.
  3. I once believed in Zima - I really did.  It was my drink of choice.  I'm divulging here, people, one layer at a time.  I'm exposing, being vulnerable, telling the truth, setting it free, shedding the hard, protective exterior, inviting you in.
  4. If I could, I would travel everywhere by motorcycle.  Everywhere.  I know that motorcycles are not safe and I know I'm a mother and I know that I just cannot do that - but let it be known in the world of 'Press Pause' that if this bright and wonderful world was perfect, I would arrive everywhere atop a motorcycle.  Amen.
  5. There is a stack of books beside my bed; I imagine that there is one beside yours, too.  The titles are varied.  Some of the books I have read, some I have not.  Some of them are the books I continue to reach for, rereading favorite sentences, again and again.  Some, I don't.                  The title of one of the books is Sink Reflections 
  6. In my youth, the tender years of feeling my way along, step by step . . . I left my curling iron on for four years.  I did.  I'm sorry you're having to read this here, Dad.  I'm sorry.  I left it on for four years, and I loved it.  I loved that it was toasty and ready each time I reached for it.  I'm not at all sure why, but it never burned down the house.  It made bruisy, brown mark on its corner of my pale yellow desk, but it never started a fire.  I would not do it now, but I did it then.  I did.  I came and I went.  I lived and I learned.  I laughed and I cried.  And, all the while,  that mid-size instrument of destruction, never let me down.  
  7. I worked at McDonald's.  I did.  There, I've said it.  You know.  I wore a doo-doo brown polyester 2-piece pant suit that made me look like a dream.  I longed to work in the back, to fry up the burgers and be the one to use the magic water to bring the freeze dried onion kernels into the day, but I never got the call.  I was destined to work with the public at the counter.  Fish Fillets and coffee to the saltier among us and McDonaldLand Cookies for the kids - I passed out tray-sized portions of the American dream, day in and day out, for four months.  Then I reached the summit.  I got the call.  I went to Chic-fil-A.

There friends.  There you have it.  I have peeled away seven layers, wiped free the shroud of darkness and exposed myself.  I am voluntarily chipping away at the hard exterior that protects me from your sneers.  It is freeing.  I am lighter.  I am better now.

What do you need to release?  What do you need to admit?  Let it out.  Let it go.  Travel no more with the weighty drain of secrets dragging along behind you.  Release.  

We are Anne Murray, we have Ped Eggs and we will accept you.  

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  1. 1. I'm terrified of flying...always have been and probably always will be. It's not that I won't fly, but it is a true fear of mine that runs deep. As a child, my sister and I had to fly from my dad's house back to our mom's, by ourselves, and I was crying so hard, I got to go to the cockpit and meet the pilot. There are perks to your fears!

    2. I had a really rare blood disease when I was a kid that put me in the hospital for a while. I had purple splotches all up and down my legs and I could not walk on them. I remember watching the cartoon "Fat Albert" and being able to have all the popsicles I wanted, but I was too sick to eat. My heart and kidneys had to be monitored for a couple of years after my stay because the disease weakened them. I'm just fine now though!

    3. I collected stamps as a kid and loved smelly stickers. I had albums for both.

    4. I used to watch, yes watch, exercise shows. One that I loved in particular was some guy that always did his show on the beach. He was obnoxious and over the top, yet I was glued to the tv. So there I'd be, in my college dorm room, eating junk food and
    watching toned people work out.

    5. I really thought I was going to be famous when I was a kid. Don't ask me what for, but I was definitely going to be famous.

    6. I really believed all boyfriends pined and swooned over their girlfriends like the guys in movies like, Say Anything and Some Kind of Wonderful.

    7. My favorite dessert is tiaramisu, I live for Greek food, and there isn't an olive I don't love!

    8. I dated my French TA in college. It was thrilling, so out of my league, and truly my first adult relationship. We never really broke up, just moved on because we were at different places in our lives. Craziest thing, two years after we parted ways, he found my number, called me, and I flew down to Florida for a spur of the moment weekend with him at the beach. It was an easy, uncomplicated, and different kind of relationship. Fun.


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