Monday, April 2, 2012

I am a lucky photographer . . .

Being a photographer puts me in a special spot.  I get to spend time with good people, laugh with them and hear their stories.  I get to watch those moments when a little hand reaches up for a big hand or  a couple of folks forget to look at the camera but look at each other.  When things are really fun, the subjects of my photographs forget what we are doing and they begin to really tell their stories.  They make each other laugh, bring up good memories and enjoy the time together - a time that focuses only on them - a moment with no cell phones or news or work demands or noises or distractions.  A photo session that reaches that place is a special one, and I am fortunate to spend time with amazing people in that space.

Recently, I got to shoot a couple of the coolest kids ever.  I know their Mom well, but I had not met her daughter or son.  My friend wanted some photos of her kids, where they are now, doing what they do.  One is an avid baseball player and one loves soccer.  I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot because the emphasis was on them  - the way they are on any given day.  

We met on a Sunday afternoon and they showed up in their practice clothes.  I dug that.  I loved that we were to set about documenting this time in their lives, and that we did.  What special kids they are.

Isn't it fun when you meet young people whose smiles and energy are contagious?   That describes Emily and Evan.  They are truly beautiful, inside and out.  It was a pleasure spending a bit of an afternoon with them, laughing and listening to their dialogue - a loving conversation between a couple of youthful, vivacious human beings that are sure to go far!   

Thanks, Elecia, Emily and Evan - you three are awesome!

And a word on yesterday's WHAT IS IT photo -
The mystery photo was this:

and it was this . . .

Good guesses, folks!  The winner, drawn at random from the correct guesses is . . .
Fleeta B.!  Yay, Fleeta - I can't wait to hear the plans for your free shoot!

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