Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday Morning WHAT IS IT? 4-2-12

Before I show you the WHAT IS IT? photo for today, I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your amazing support of last week's blog.  It was a wonderful and hard and meaningful and funny and memorable time for me to devote all of last week's posts to my Mom.  I feel like I spent the week with her, and I loved that you were with us, too!  I heard from so many, listened to new stories and laughed with so many of you.  It felt like a celebration, and I just know that Mom was celebrating with us. 

I wrote more than I planned last week, but I am glad I did - it's not ever a mistake to tell the stories and get to know each other better.  You all are kind.  I am thankful. 

And now I find myself curious about your stories.  Consider telling us about someone who has marked your life.  We would love to hear . . . you know, everyone loves a good story.  Do tell.  (I would be honored to have a guest blogger, one of you telling us one of your stories.)

And now, on to today's photo . . .

Check out the photo below.  Try to figure out what you think it is.  Send your guess to me by email ( or private message me on facebook.  I'll choose one winner ( from the correct guesses and announce the winner on Tuesday.  The winner receives one free photo session - equal to $150.

Take a guess - have some fun - spread the word!  Have you 'liked' Deana Graham Photography on facebook yet?  I wish you would! 

Thanks, friends.

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