Thursday, March 1, 2012

WHAT IS IT? Day four photo . . .

You all are doing great!  Awesome guesses and it's fun to see who all is playing!  If you haven't yet started sending in your guesses, start today!  There are great prizes up for grabs - check the rules and explanations for the contest, just to the right of this post.  There will be two winners - one prize package for the first person to get five photo identifications correct and another prize package chosen at random from the 'like's on the Deana Graham Photography page.  Spread the word!  Tell a friend!  Have some fun!

The blog, in its usual form, will return at the conclusion of the contest!  Start guessing!

Here is the photo for Day four . . .

And here are the photos from the first three days.

Day 1

Day two

Day three

Good luck!  Have fun!  Start guessing on today's photo!

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