Friday, March 23, 2012

List Eleven - Five things I didn't mean to say!

Something happened last night while I was sleeping . . . when I woke up this morning, I came to the blog and noticed something amazing . . .

Press Pause went over 5,000 hits last night, and I want to thank you!  This blog has become such a valuable experience for me; it has helped me to formulate my thoughts and remember how very much I have to appreciate.  I am humbled by your support, and I am touched that you are following.  I realize that there is more to do in a day than there is time to do it.  Your adding a couple of minutes a day for this blog means a lot!

Obviously, people who write want people who will read.  Sharing our stories is important and laughing and crying together is what sets apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.  I am delighting in sharing my stories and in hearing yours.  Thank you for following along, for feeling the joy and the sadness in the everyday along with this fellow traveler and for passing along the blog.  You all are the best!

And now for today's list . . .

Remember worrying that Big Brother was watching?  Well, now we have to worry about what AUTOCORRECT is writing for us!

Autocorrect, that oh so helpful application that spells what it wants us to say instead of what WE want to say!  Below are five things that I DID NOT WANT TO SAY!

Beware . . . autocorrect is editing you!

1.  If I want to party, I don't want to pry!!!

2.  If I want to ask someone to be quiet, I don't need an 'agh'!

3.  When I want to say, "Awwwww" as in "Awwww Man,"  I have no need for the sewer.

4.  Seriously, people.  I mean, "oooooo," as in "ooooooo weeeeee -way to go."  There is absolutley no mention about poop!

5.  And, last but not least, I want to thank you for supporting Press Pause /
Deana Graham Photography - I'm certainly not talking about gravy!!!

What are your best autocorrect moments?

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