Friday, June 8, 2012

List 22 - Lessons learned from the yearly get away

I'm lucky.  This weekend is the occasion of a yearly get together with friends unlike any others.  A few years ago, my friend, Cherie, invited a bunch of us to join her at her family's cabin up in Hayesville, NC.  It took us about 2 seconds to revert back to our comfort with each other that we had first enjoyed forty years ago!  (Wow, that makes me sound old.)

Not surprisingly, the special time has become a yearly tradition.  I wouldn't miss it for the world.  We arrive at different times, from various places, with completely different life stories.  But, when we assemble on the porch, none of that matters at all.  I've learned a lot from them.  I've laughed a lot.  I've been thankful more than I ever could have thought for these friendships started when I was just beginning on life's journey.  I highly recommend this practice!

I ask the 'girls' to help with today's list.  Not being ones to shy away from conversation, I did not have to ask twice.  They were quick to throw out their suggestions on some of what we have learned in our yearly visit.

Here's today's list . . . Lessons we have learned from old friends getting together:

  1. You need a porch.
  2. No matter how close you feel, it's still best to steer clear of politics and religion.
  3. Laughter is good - really good.  Diapers are optional.
  4. Our time together is loud.
  5. Sometimes we remember things from the past differently - no problem.
  6. Pajamas are fine at any hour.  No one cares how you look.
  7. There is a lot to recycle when our weekend is over.
  8. Our new tradition of renting the pontoon boat is more conducive to our good time than was the yearly hike.
  9. There is always a friend behind you to push you up the pontoon ladder.
  10. Old music is good.
  11. Old memories never fade - but lots of them get funnier!
  12. Facebook conversations, re-tellings of the weekend, are unintelligible to folks who weren't present.
  13. Sadly, we moved into short conversations about reading glasses.
  14. Ruminating is good.
  15. We've established a rug of truth - you don't have to stand on it if you don't want.
  16. All that really matters is being nice.
  17. Everything with us ends in a laugh.
  18. We are who we are.  We're fine with that.  
  19. We've made a tentative plan to move to Bab's house at the lake when we are old.  We will drink heavily, so we'll wear shock collars to keep us from falling into the water unattended.  We'll pool our money for our own cabana boy.  
  20. In conclusion, we have a question:  Why is it that alcohol can kill brain cells and not fat cells?

Have a good weekend, everyone.  I know I will.  I give thanks to God for these friends, these laughs and the continued goodness of really being known by others.  

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  1. Additions that need to be added to your list:
    1. Lake + hours of drinking = swimming in the buff by the "moon"light

    2. Karaoke time is a must!

    3. You need a friend song... (much like the Smith family song)....well I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison.....

    4. What happens at the lakehouse, stays at the lakehouse!

    5. Healthy food is strictly prohibited.

    6. Accept no phone calls from your children. Period.

    7. Don't think about the work or responsibilities you're leaving free, be crazy....real life will be waiting the millisecond you return home!


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