Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keeping cool . . .

Sometimes I like to consider peaceful things.  I like to remember places I've been, things I've seen.

(A long time ago) when I did a lot of SCUBA diving I would work hard to be conscious of what I felt.  I would move along in the water - flying, really - and carefully file away the scenery.

I wanted to remember that what I was seeing in the ocean, the peaceful and dreamy ecosystem, was happening all of the time.  I wanted to be able to bring those 'pictures' to my mind's eye whenever I needed calm.

When I'm having a stressful day or feeling overwhelmed, it works for me.  (Well, not all of the time, but I won't talk about that in the blog.)

If things in reality get TOO REAL, it helps me to stop and think about peaceful settings, places where I've known God's presence, where I've heard such calm, such quiet.

The colorful lands under the sea are just that - the beings there are moving effortlessly through coral and the sea fans are waving slowly with the currents.  I might be worried about the next hour or the traffic or the next shoot, but under the water's surface the same quiet still exists.

I like to look at these photos I took years ago.  I like to remember, to consider all of that happening still, right now.


I hope you enjoy.  Maybe you need to remember something quiet, too.

What helps you remember calmness?

1 comment:

  1. Calmness for me is...
    1. Gathering my dogs and having them curl up all around me. Instantly brings me to a peaceful place.
    Can't imagine my life without animals. They are warm, loyal, and true companions that love me unconditionally. It's like our hearts speak to each other. It's a quiet love.
    2. Deep breathing. I mean deep, cleansing breaths. This is something I learned from a counselor and from a a book I read on relaxation techniques. I tell myself I'm breathing in goodness and exhaling my "yuck." It is so calming and clears my head.
    3. Drawing. When I draw, I'm in a zone. No one dictates what I'm supposed to do or instructs me on how to do it. It's free flowing, organic in it's evolution, and completely my own. It is a creative release that always leaves me satisfied and full.


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