Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This I believe . . .

I have a Valentine's gift for you!

If you are already familiar with This I Believe then this can just be a reminder; if you don't know about it, you're in for a treat!

This I Believe started in the 1940's and was started again a few years ago.  Fans of NPR (I might be their biggest fan) have probably heard the podcasts.  If you haven't or if you haven't explored the website in a while, I hope you'll accept this gift and spend some time exploring.  The idea of the This I Believe project is for regular folks to consider and write about what they believe.

That may sound like a relatively easy task, but read on.  The challenge is to think of ONE THING you believe and then to write about it in a condensed essay.  It's a challenge, for sure; I've tried it!  What has come from this challenge is an unbelievable treasure trove of feelings, personalities, lives, stories and humanity.  There is something for everyone!

Visit the site on this Valentine's Day, 2012, and poke around a bit.  You might want to listen to current essays or read essays on a favorite topic.  You may enjoy the older ones or want to spend some time with the essays of famous people.  Wherever you go within this awesome space, I believe you'll find a gift.  The essays are done by folks, like you and like me, who sat for a while to become intentional about what it is that matters most to them.

The words are beautiful and sad and strange and loving and everything in between.  We are all represented in the stories.  Each time I take the time to listen or read an essay chosen for the project, my mind is set into motion.  What do I believe?  I ask myself that and I daydream and I wonder and I consider and it's always a treat.

Enjoy listening to this essay about love being stronger than death on this special day and then begin to think about your own beliefs . . .


Enjoy the work of our fellow human beings.  Check out the site.  The link is below.  Happy Valentine's Day, my friends.


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