Friday, February 3, 2012

List 5 - how many pins does it take to sum up one person?

I love pins - badges, buttons, whatever you'd like to call them.  I really do.  They usually make me smile.  I'm not talking so much about political messages but good, ole' fashioned fun ones.  I like pins that make people stop and think or pins that bring a laugh to my friend's face.  Sometimes I like the ones that take people just a minute to "get" and then they laugh.

Some of my favorite gifts have been the smallest (and I'm not talking diamonds).  My friend Laurie has gotten me lots of cool pins and they're always perfect, always exactly what I think or exactly what brings a smile to my face.  Tim has gotten me too many fun and wonderful gifts to list, but one of my favorites was a bag of buttons.  It was such fun!  He came home from work one Friday afternoon with this cornucopia of pins, and we had fun for the next hour, looking at them and laughing.  They are some of my favorites.

I don't really have enough good occasions to don them all, so I thought today's list was a perfect place to "wear" them!  I've been thinking about the pins this week, in preparation for this post - thinking about why their colorful punch is so appealing to me.  I've wondered if there could be a pin that 'summed me up' and I quickly decided that was impossible.  The pins are fun, they're colorful, they're catchy and they're quick, but each one is just a tiny part of a big whole.

Maybe that's why I love them so much.  Maybe it's fun because one message can sum up my feelings at one particular moment or tell why I'm laughing or give you an insight into something that makes me tick.  I think that's it, that's why they're appealing.  To me, they're much more fun than Twitter, but maybe that just means I'm old enough to say, "boo coos" and stuff like that.  To me, they're an artsy, creative way to give passersby a little hint of one of my many layers.  (And I think I probably like it that some people wonder why I'm weird enough to have on some crazy pin.)

What would your pins say?  What do you believe in enough to wear it on your chest?  What makes you laugh, smile, think?  Consider it.  Could we make a pin that tells your whole story?  I trust not.  But it's fun to think about.  Have a look at your favorite pin or design one in your mind - what does it say?  Maybe you can come up with a way to 'say' that this weekend; maybe you could laugh about it or think on it or make someone smile with it, even if it isn't already printed on a small, circular disk.  Have a go!

So here's this Friday's list - ten of my favorites - not the mostest favoritest of all time in the whole worldest, just ten that make me smile or think or laugh.  And I like that.

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