Friday, February 10, 2012

List 6 - THE Dinner Party List

Tim and I like to imagine this, from time to time.  We try to come up with the ultimate dinner party list.  It's fun, fun because the rules of this game are quite loose.  It's a good exercise - try it!  Here are the rules . . . think about folks from the past, famous people who aren't with us anymore that you'd like to invite to your dinner party.  Think about folks you wish you'd known, folks that would be fun, interesting, good at conversations, etc.  Use your imagination.  You get to invite anyone you'd like!  Who do you wish you had known?  Who would be a good conversationalist, make others laugh, keep folks thinking?

Consider five women and five men.  Here's the good part . . . you can keep amending the list, changing it whenever someone new pops into your head.  Good rule, huh?  And remember, you want the party to be fun!  You want the conversation to be lively sometimes and take a few poignant, serious turns.  You want your guests to feed off of each other and engage their dinner companions with good questions and prompts.  You don't necessarily have to agree with all of your guests - choose ones that will keep the party hopping!

Give it a think and enjoy your virtual dinner party.

Here is my list for this very moment.  It may have changed by the time you read this post.  I'm like that, constantly tweaking the party!


  1. Erma Bombeck
  2. Rosa Parks
  3. Ann Richards
  4. My Mom
  5. Maude
  1. Johnny Carson
  2. Ben Franklin
  3. Mark Twain
  4. Evel Knievel
  5. Louis Armstrong
You're definitely invited to my party - please invite me to yours! 

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