Friday, February 24, 2012

List 8 . . . A few of the things Sadie is trying to teach me.

We got Sadie four years ago.  She was a 'rescue' dog.  And though a relative once misunderstood and said she wasn't sure what Sadie would be able to rescue because of her small stature, by rescue I mean we got her from a rescue facility.  She is rat terrier; and before seeing Sadie in late January of 2008, I didn't know that there was such a species.

I wasn't sure if I wanted a pet.  I grew up with Sparky, which was wonderful, but I feared that a pet would require a lot of me.  I was afraid I was stretched too far, and a dog would be a big responsibility for us all.  Too much money.  Too much maintenance.  Too much to add to the already overbooked agenda of these crazy lives.

For reasons I cannot remember, I changed my mind.  Thank, God.  Tim and I spent much time and attention on preparing the kids for the big changes that would be required of them to take care of a dog.  We began to look.  We scoured the Pet Finder on the internet, and then we went to see Miss Cindy's dogs.  When I saw Sadie (a dog who didn't seem all that appealing to me at the time) perch on Harry's chest and watched them stare into each other's eyes, it was all over.

And life as we knew it has never been the same.  There is dog hair on our furniture, but our hearts are too filled to care.  I was proved wrong on how much responsibility it would add to our lives because Sadie has been a dream.  We've been lucky.  She needs very little (aside from as much petting as possible) and gives very much.

Sadie has taught us a lot, but these are thirteen of the things I believe she is trying to teach me:

  1. Eat when you're hungry and not when you're not.
  2. Protect those you love - period.
  3. Let people know what you need by your actions.  If what you really want is to have your belly rubbed, turn over.  
  4. Show people you love that you love them . . . all of the time. 
  5. Go on lots of adventures but always know where home is.
  6. Never hesitate to let folks know if you think something isn't right.  
  7. If you are completely exhausted, just lie down.  Take a rest.  And huddle up in a little ball if you need to.
  8. If you feel cold or sad or lonely or just a little down, snuggle up as close as possible to someone safe.
  9. When you find wide open spaces in a regular old day, run like the wind or roll around and around or jump up and down.  Enjoy yourself where you are.
  10. Don't pay too much attention to time.  Be with the folks you're with, enjoy what's happening.  Be content.
  11. Don't spend a lot of worry on things you can't change.  If your ears are too big, it's okay.  Be you.
  12. Keep your eyes open.  You never know what you might see.
  13. Remember that love doesn't need words.

What is your dog teaching you?


  1. My dogs have taught me that....
    1. They have personalities as unique as humans.
    2. They get scared when it thunderstorms.
    3. Licks don't necessarily mean kisses...sometimes it may mean you didn't wipe your mouth very good after dinner.
    4. They are natural electric blankets.
    5. They don't like loud noises...including yelling (just like humans).
    6. They make good mops...again, the licking.
    7. They age like humans and it's sad to see their little bodies give out.
    8. That love like no matter what.
    9. They think they're human.
    10. I couldn't imagine my life without them!

  2. Ames, your comments are one of my favorite things about blogging! I knew you'd have a good list on this one, my friend! Thank you for sharing.


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