Thursday, February 16, 2012

Documenting memories . . .

Wow, I'm glad I do what I do!  Cameras and photographs and art captured me early and I never got over it.  Now, I'm fortunate enough to do what I love, and I'm thankful.  There are so many different parts of photography, so many actions for each image, and I love that process.  I regret that I never learned to develop my own film, never had a dark room, never got to truly learn those steps.  I believe the sequence of events, the slow emergence of a wonderful captured moment would have intrigued me; I would have delighted in the stages of development and in the final product.  I hate that I missed that.

I don't dwell on that for long, though, because there are plenty of moments now, enough steps and stages to create a piece that presses pause on life and adds to a family's history.  It's magic, really, and I am thrilled to have a hand in it.  There is something about still photography; I've said that before.  There is something so powerful about shooting an image, tweaking it in just the right ways, paying close attentions to it's composition and the light around it and having it to hold and to study for years to come.  There is magic in that - having a photograph that captures a moment just the way you remember it or the way it really felt and being able to look back at forever.  I love that.

Find an old photograph that you love.  Take a look at it today.  Remember why you love it so, recall how you felt on the day it was taken and relive for a moment in your mind how it all felt.  Enjoy.

I love these photos because when I look at them, I can hear her squeaky giggle and I can feel her soft touch.  These make me smile . . . hope they make you smile, too.

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