Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't pray when it rains . . .

if you don't pray when the sun shines.  I found that quote a few months ago.  I love quotes and I love looking for new ones.  I guess I enjoy that good quotes pack such a great punch in so few words.  Tim and I love to paint - our own particular kind of art, we like to call it folk art because that sounds good - and we are always looking for good messages for our old pieces of wood.  Quotes are great for our genre!

This quote, "Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines" is attributed to Satchel Paige.  Maybe he really said it, I'm not sure.  Or maybe he has as many wonderful quotes with his name attached as Mother Teresa - bless her heart, she is attributed with more words than she probably ever spoke (I'm pretty sure she spent more time doing than talking.)

Sorry, back to the quote . . . I love this quote, whether or not Satchel really said it.  When I ran across it, it stopped me and made me really think and I try to remember it often.  I try to remember it when I am failing to notice something special, something for which I am eternally grateful.  I find that situation often, times when I want to remember to be thankful, grateful.  And the quote gets to me, for I am positive that I can sometimes be quicker to ask for help or consider what's wrong more often than I remember to be thankful.

Today threw this quote to the forefront of my consciousness - today came up all sunny and beautiful and just the right temperature and shouted to me to be thankful.  I got the message and I'm glad.  Thanks, Satchel, for the short quip that I can carry with me to remember.  I am thankful, thankful for more than I can list.

Thanks, God, for everyday, the sunny ones and rainy ones.  Thank you.

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