Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Baby Bea . . .

It doesn't get any better than photographing the newest folks in the world - but photographing the new little ones of those you love is even more special!  I loved being with Baby Beatrice and her Mama on a quiet day, just after Bea was born.  She is precious; just like her big brother, Charlie!  (Here are photos we shot of the family of three before little Beatrice was born -,

I'm funny about the use of props in photos.  I never want to use props at the expense of losing the emphasis on the person or the moment.  This bowl, though, was the perfect prop, and I loved it.  This is the wooden bowl that Bea's great grandmother used to make biscuits in - I love the significance of that and I adore thinking about Bea being held by her great grandmother.  This was a 'real' prop and I loved it!

Bea already has her 'jazz hands' working!  Love this drama!

Is there anything more beautiful than a peacefully sleeping baby?

Here's to a wonderful life, sweet Bea!

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