Friday, August 3, 2012

List 28 . . . Ten Reasons We Should All Be Square Dancing on a Regular Basis

Yep, you read that correctly.  I bet that's a post title you were not expecting, but I'm a fan.

Each summer when my family is at KANUGA we have a ball at the square dance.  After this summer's soirée, I've decided that I must set myself about figuring out a way to square dance more than once a year.  I'm going to require that of my life.  I'm not sure if I'll have to travel for this event or if I'll have to get schooled in square dance calling; but, alas, I need more square dancing in our lives.  You do, too.

I wish you could all learn to square dance from Uncle Ted White of THE WHITEWATER BLUEGRASS BAND.  They're fabulous musicians, and Uncle Ted can magically teach the dance to a couple hundred people, give the history and folklore behind it and actually have folks from 2 to 102 dancing at the same time.  He does all of that without ever raising his voice - it's a miracle.

Here are the ten reasons that we should all be square dancing on a regular basis:

  1. Square dancing makes you smile, and that is always a good thing.
  2. It works up a sweat; but it's okay, because everyone else is sweating, too.  No one is glistening.  
  3. People who are square dancing together make eye contact.  Do we do that enough in everyday life?
  4. When you are busy learning and participating in square dancing, you are RIGHT THERE,  in the moment.  There is no place for worrying or fretting.
  5. Everybody can do it.  It doesn't matter how talented you are or how old you are or what language you speak.
  6. Square dancing is a fun way to teach our children about days long gone.  In a dance, we are actually doing what our ancestors did, and even doing it to the same song!
  7. Square dancing throws us out of our comfort zones, and that's when the good stuff happens in life.
  8. At a square dance, every single person in the room touches every other person in the room . . . and they smile at each other!  
  9. You don't sit in a chair, staring at a lecturer, to learn a new square dance.  You learn on the job.
  10. Square dancing involves lots of hand-holding.  You might be connecting with your grandmother or a new friend or your soul-mate . . . but, rest assured, you'll have someone's hand to hold.  
Come on, friends DO SI DO . . . it's good for us all.

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