Friday, August 24, 2012

List 30 - a few thoughts from mid-move

  1. No, we have not yet located Harry's other brand new tennis shoe.  I'll keep you posted.  (For those of you who read yesterday's post.)
  2. When Sadie stopped shaking, after about twenty four hours, we knew things would be fine.  
  3. Already having a neighbor who comes in without knocking is wonderful.
  4. Houses are more enjoyable once the over-riding smell of cardboard is gone.
  5. Old houses have so much character, though it's unfortunate that closet space wasn't a trend in the early thirties.
  6. We have too much stuff.
  7. We are considering using books as decorative furniture pieces - coffee tables, shelves, plant stands.
  8. I had heard that Columbus was below the 'gnat line.'  It is also home to many other of God's special creatures, including but not limited to . . . dense packs of mosquitos, spiders of many shapes and descriptions, roaches immense enough to be classified as mammals.
  9. Having sweet new friends show up in your driveway around six in the evening, bringing dinner, is a balm for just about any ailment.
  10. It's hard to hang things on plaster walls.
  11. Being able to walk around the block, on tree-lined streets and old sidewalks, with your dog off a leash, is just about perfect.  
  12. Walking in thick grass, that just about covers your bare feet, is good for the soul.
  13. Moving into a home where the washer and dryer are part of the deal is good.
  14. Having the dryer stop working on the third day is not.
  15. Last minute clothing items can be quickly washed and then blown dry.  It is not pretty, but it is do-able.
  16. If your son gets out of school thirty minutes before your daughters do, it is best to find out before the first afternoon when you get a call from a very sad, embarrassed, scared third grader.
  17. Locating the Mexican restaurant 'go to' can be very difficult.
  18. As it turns out, it is best that we didn't get around to buying the new ping pong table for the garage before we moved here.  Presently, the garage is filled with boxes.  What's in the boxes, you ask?  I have no clue.
  19. Living down the street from the elementary school principal, up the street from the town mayor and across the street from the 'honorary mayor of the neighborhood' makes me think we'll be on our best behavior.  (Not really, but that sounded like a good idea.)
  20. Haven't yet tried a Dinglewood Scrambled Dog.  Stay tuned.


  1. oh my gosh that house is adorable! in a strange way it reminds me of your really old house in covington... great character & charm :) love it!


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