Tuesday, September 4, 2012

. . . a third option.

The ole' Bear (Harry Graham, age 8) has shed a ray of light on something I thought was set in stone, and I'm going with it.  

I preach a lot.  Well,  at least that's what my children would tell you.  I consider it giving of myself to make their worlds a better place.  Nevertheless, one of my oft-used topics is the veritable glass of water.  Is it half empty?  Is it half full?  

I spend a great deal of time encouraging them to view the glass of water with rose-colored glasses and live out the Norman Vincent Peale inside their little souls.  As you might imagine, that does not always put them on the sunny side of life.  Sometimes I can get the feeling that there is a slight, minuscule, little, itty-bitty chance they are not listening.  

They are, though, and Bear proved it just the other day.  He went past the usual old idiom, though, and added his philosophy to the whole question:

You know, Mama, I've been thinking about something and I just wanted to tell you. 
I get what you're always talking about with the glass and the water deal.
I really do.
But, I think there's another choice, too.
I think sometimes it's not half full or half empty -
sometimes I think it's a little of both.

Point taken, son. Point taken.

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