Friday, September 7, 2012

List 32 - I need a weekly test!

We're back in the school groove.  Well, we are beginning to move closer towards being back in the school groove.  Here are a few surprising facts about the academic year, so far - we have not yet been late to school, I am working diligently on our 'family command center' (sure to be a popular blog post in the future) and we have been packed up and ready each night before bed.  Impressive, I know.

Part of getting back into gear is the inevitable routine.  Some of the routine we love, and some we'd rather not have to endure; nevertheless, September finds us all trying to re-fit our square pegness into the round holes of the organized world.  It can be tough!

I like the predictability of it all, though, and sometimes I'm comforted by it.  I love that we have 'late start' Wednesday and that two days after that is 'spirit day/casual dress' Friday!  I love that current event paragraphs are always due on Thursday and that football games are on Friday nights.  I even love the ever-present FRIDAY SPELLING TEST.

It's odd, really, that I'd like such a mundane thing.  I can count on it, though, and, gosh darnit, I like that!  No children were consulted in the writing of this post.  The opinions shared here are not necessarily the opinions of the actual Friday test-takers.  Life told us long ago that spelling tests were on Friday, and we get it.  If you have a lot to do later in the week, you know you have to study your spelling words early.  It's like brushing your teeth when you wake up (or immediately after you told your mother that you just brushed) - school starts with a spelling test on Friday morn.  It's simple, really.

I got to thinking last night about how it might be a good practice for the rest of us.  Maybe we all need to be held a little more accountable (to ourselves) about what we're working on - maybe we need to spend a little time each day preparing for the quiz on Friday.  It wouldn't be for the whole grade or anything; it could just count like a small test.  It would need to be each week, though, as we'd need to get in the habit of it all.

Hmmmm.  That would change things!  I'm trying to imagine my weekly quiz needs.  Maintenance is foreign to me, so this could be life-altering.

Here are my Friday morning quiz questions:

  1. Is there anyone you need to reach out to or be in touch with?  Do so now, before preceding to number 2.
  2. What made you laugh this week?  Did you share it with someone else?
  3. What needs to be removed from the 'worry' list?  Strike through it.  Be gone.
  4. What did you learn this week?  Have you decided how best to alter things to arrange for the new knowledge?
  5. Do you have any socks that need to be matched?  Go do it.
  6. Could you open your closet door in front of anyone besides your best friend?
  7. Is something trying to get your attention?  Maybe you should listen.
  8. Did you remember to spend some time just listening?  Maybe you could plan for better next week.
  9. You know those things that you do that you really love?  Think about why you love to do them.  You could add more of that.
  10. What's the one thing that you could actually do to afford yourself some joy this weekend?  Do it!

What are the questions on your quiz?

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