Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sparkling Eyes in Chimney Park

I love kids.

I love photography.

Sometimes I get a bit excited when I meet new kid friends, and I loudly remark about their sneaky smile or their twinkling eyes.  I don't mean to act like a crazy woman, but I tend to jump and see them as my camera might.  I get a little fired up about this stuff!

I see a set of sparkling eyes and I'm ready to start shooting!  That was certainly the case when I met these two cuties, the grandchildren of dear friends.  Though it was stifling hot on the day we got together, there seemed to be a bit of magic in the park.  These two were the perfect little adventurers, and I loved following their fun, sharing their enthusiasm and capturing their love of the beautiful surroundings.  What fun!


Good times . . .

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