Friday, December 7, 2012

List 37 - Keeping it in perspective?

A couple of days ago I walked out my front door and I looked up and saw this . . .

Amazing, huh?  I love it when I look somewhere 'regular' and see something irregular - something spectacular, something unbelievable and extraordinary.  This scene struck me as EXTRAordinary.  As I headed out to walk Sadie (or for Sadie to walk me) I continued to ponder on the amazing-ness and beauty that surrounds us when we take a moment to look.  I uttered an audible thank you to Sadie for forcing me out, where I could look up and be amazed at God's handiwork, even for a split second.  

This image is SOOTC (straight out of the camera).  These are the colors that were there.  The clouds were in that fun formation.  The leaves were that gold and the sky was that blue.  Wow, I thought.  

Then I began to think about how my feelings contribute to what I see.  And then I did what I'm good at . . . I took it all over the place and started having some fun.  What would I see if I looked up on a day that I was worried or a day when I was sad.  What would it look like if I was feeling relieved, light and airy?  What would I see when I'm excited, anticipating something wonderful?  

So that, my friends, had to be the list for this week.  Let's look at the same scene with different eyes, from other perspectives.  Add your own moods and consider the part our perspective plays in our perceptions.  I enjoyed it.  Hope you will, too.

1.  Here's what I see when I'm on cloud nine, when the stars align and I'm feeling great.

2.  I see this when I'm feeling a little blue, when I'm consumed with worry.

3.  I love the scene when I'm relieved, when something worked out just the way I had hoped. . . 

4.  And when I am in a remembering mood, considering things I'm thankful for, appreciating what I have and where I've been . . . 

5.  Sometimes I'm stuck somewhere and it's time to move on.  This might be what I see . . . 

6.  What about when I'm feeling excited?

7.  In a dreamy mood?

We can go anywhere we want with this. 

WAIT . . .
we can go anywhere we want?  Hmmmmm.

Keeping it in perspective, looking at it from one side or another, ours or another's, from the bright side or the gloomy side, with air or under water - it's our prerogative.


Very interesting.

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