Friday, November 9, 2012

List 35 - Lucky me . . . clouds and kids . . .

I'm one lucky mama, and here's the list to prove it.  I'm sorry if you aren't as fortunate as I am.  I can only wish for you these gifts.  Here's hoping.

I have three children and now they are quite 'plugged in.'  One of the benefits of the iphone world is that everything that goes on one person's phone, goes on everyone else's.  Usually, that is a good thing. I can't explain it, but it's all about a cloud.  How's your cloud?  My cloud has photos and keeps documents and other nifty things like that.

My cloud also puts everything my children get from the app store onto my phone.  I am a lucky one, indeed.  Here, my friends, is list 35.  Here are a few of the things I can do because of my cloud.  Please don't be hurt if you can't do them too.  Your day is coming; I just know it.

1.  I know, for instance, if I gain an enormous amount of weight in the lower head region, this is how I will look.

2.  And I know that in 2042 I will look like this.  I can't wait.

3.  Lucky me, I know how great I would look with a mustache!

4.  And, would you believe, I know that George Clooney and I have an 84% compatibility index!  (I would be able to show you what our children would look like, but the app wasn't behaving correctly at press time.)

How is your cloud helping you?

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