Friday, October 12, 2012

List 34 - These things are true . . .

I have no idea who will win the presidential election or whether this will be a warm winter or what new ridiculous reality show will change the world in the coming months.  I'm clueless about these things.  I've been thinking lately, though, about the things I do know.

Here are a few things I know personally to be true:

  1. When I walk up the stairs in my old house, the stairs are creaky.  My knees are far louder and creakier.
  2. Children believe that it is easier to put stuff on the top of a pile that is hanging out of a full trash can, pick it up when it falls on the floor, put it back on the top of a pile that is hanging out of a full trash can, pick it up when it falls on the floor, etc., etc., etc. than to empty said trash can.
  3. Preteens believe that it makes perfect sense to wash one t-shirt in the washer when it is needed the following morning, throw the unsuspecting dryer inhabitants onto the floor to ready the dryer and move along.
  4. I do not feel happiness when I proudly (and secretly) order the third series of a book for my oldest child for Christmas and hear her say (four minutes after there is no turning back with the order) that she has decided she actually hates the series.
  5. Children do not have a working understanding of the steps involved to replace toilet paper rolls.  It is beyond them.  They are not able.
  6. Preteens will make the average adult feel like the world's scariest roller coaster is nothing.
  7. I believe in Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day.  It gives me a false sense that I have actually cleaned and taken care of everything, and it brightens my mood.
  8. Children like you better when you provide food.
  9. Preteens can cause whiplash.  The changes in attitude are dangerous and should be attended to in a slow, controlled manner.
  10. At the end of each day, I go to bed thankful that children and preteens live with me.

What do you know is true?

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