Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A tale of the forgotten . . .

A story.  A sad story.  Just for you, my friends.

Please take heed on our tale from the family beach trip.  I hope you can do better than us.  At the least, I hope I'll save you the efforts as you prepare for your next journey.

I'll explain . . .

We were to join our family at the beach.  We were excited.  Plans were underway.  Bags were being packed, the car was being readied and spirits soared.  It would be wonderful!

I set about to run errands for the final preparations.  "I'll pick up some healthy snacks," I proudly told myself.  It would be great!  At the beach, the clear skies and salty air would lead us to healthy choices and encourage us to refresh, to start anew.

Without keeping with my usual (hahaha), I was running a bit late.  I wouldn't be put off from the healthy snacks, though, so I swerved into Fresh Market.  I casually perused the aisles, searching for just the right things - the bags of vittles that would entice us all on our vacation and begin the new regime.  I pondered the sweet and considered the salty.  I would hit on both - that was important.

I settled on my choices - a little something for everyone.  "Heavens," I thought smugly, "they'll probably all be gone before we even reach our destination!"

We packed the car.  I put the new snack choices out in the open, for everyone to see.  They were overlooked.

We arrived.  The groceries were pantried and the kitchen was stocked.  I confidently placed my snack picks at eye level on the appropriate shelf, knowing the masses would be swarming for them in a matter of seconds.  Hmmmm, no real action on the shelf.  They would come.  I had bought them . . . they would come.  They didn't.

"I'll probably choose them for my next option, and everyone will want some," I muttered to myself.  I didn't.  They didn't.

The Ruffles bag emptied.  We called to remind the latest family shopper to grab another bag.  After hanging up the phone, I quickly jumped up to reorganize the snack shelf and move the healthy choices to the front again.  They would entice us all.  They would.  I just knew it.  They didn't.

The Ruffles bag emptied again.  We called to remind the latest family shopper to grab another bag, again.  "After we finish this bag of sin, I'll remind everyone about the new snack options," I tried to convince myself.  I didn't.

The week went on.  Fun was had.  Junk was eaten.  Cards were played.  Waves were surfed.  Naps were taken.  The kitchen was messed up.  The kitchen was cleaned up.  The pantry was reorganized, bringing the healthy options back to eye-level.  This sequence was repeated a multitude of times.

The wonderful vacation was drawing to a close.  The hours sped up as we moved closer and closer to that ever-unpopular moment when it's all over.

There wasn't much left in the kitchen.  The once-full fridge and counters, shelves and cabinets were emptying.  Still remaining, though, were my trusty healthy snacks.  They had been overlooked by us all.  They had stood proud through the week and ignored by the masses.  They remained shiny, enticing and available.  They kept trying.  They were there for us.

They were put in the most available spot for grabbing in the car on the long, long way home.  I could nab them from the driver's seat for a quick boost.  The kids could see them and remember what a great choice they would make.  I didn't.  They didn't.

We arrived home.  We unloaded.  We unloaded some more.  The car was a disaster.  My trusty friends remained - standing tall . . . standing proud.  They had been with us since the onset.  They stayed the course.  They were still shiny, still perky, still beckoning.  A bit dejected, I removed them from the car and placed them hopefully on the snack shelf in the pantry.

They are still there.

The end.  Grab a snack and have a great day.

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