Sunday, January 1, 2012

So, here we are, looking out towards the great new year!

Is that the way to start a blog? And, would any of you believe that I did not take this photo for this purpose but just found it this morning in the album of "would be" Christmas Card photos? While I'm asking questions, would you also believe that last year's Christmas Cards are still sitting in their box, all glossy, sweet and ready to be sent? So this, I guess, is the real question . . . should I really be starting a blog?

Maybe that is precisely where I will start!

I have thought for some time that blogging would be a grand way to share my photos, stay connected with friends and clients and tell stories - my own stories, my children's stories and the stories I am able to see when I "press pause" on life and really look and listen. Pausing to notice is the hard part; telling stories is easy.

Stories have always been part of my life. My mother was a storyteller, my Dad read stories to me, I love to read and the books I read must be good stories, and one of my favorite sights in the world is the face of a child lost in a good story. And many stories are funny; I love funny stories! So . . . I realize that starting a blog on New Year's Day, with an introduction of "new beginnings", is about as original as the inevitable April 15th news stories of the trail of cars at the post office just before the midnight deadline.

Stay tuned, though. It just might work.
I have stories to tell . . . and there are pictures!


  1. What a perfect time to start blogging! Who cares of it's predictable- I know that your stories and photos will be anything but! Looking forward to following your posts! I'm sure you have much to share.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Looking forward to reading your blog!


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