Friday, January 13, 2012

List 2 - word up!

Happy Friday to all! Today's list is about words - well, sort of, but I just tempted you with the post title. I'm not at all sure that I know what it means when folks say, "word" after someone's statement. I think it might mean, "uh huh" or "I know that's right" or "I know what you mean." I might be way off, but I just go with it. (I do that a lot and it usually works quite well.) I know, however, that I have absolutely no idea what it means when one person says "word" and the other person says, "word up." Word up? Where in the world is the word going? What's up with this word?

Word up, I say to my kids every now and then, hoping I haven't just told them to *&%$ off in some secret language. To me, o great aficionado of all games wordy, word up is what you say when you've finished your play and you're waiting on your opponent. These days (well, really, these late nights) I am enjoying - that's a nice way to say obsessed, addicted, entranced by, etc. - Words with Friends. If you haven't played, I'm sorry and you should. If you have, then you probably share my addiction. I know addiction is a strong word; but for those of us on the front lines of this phenomena, I don't think the word choice is too strong. You understand. You know you do.

But, alas, my friends. Before you begin to think your blogging friend is shallow or being controlled by the small, hand-held smart box we call a phone, read on . . . I think I can account for some of the hours I have devoted to learning all of the two letter words in the English language and how many different ways one can use an x. I've decided that there are lessons to be learned from WWF . So, here is my list for this Friday.

These are the things (I hope) I am learning from WWF:
  1. Look carefully, and then keep looking. You might not see the letters you need right away. A good possibility may not be obvious; but if you keep at it, a good option may appear.
  2. Always change things around. Sometimes it helps to look at a situation from many different angles. Keep scrambling your letters, making new combinations, new possibilities.
  3. Don't ever think, "I am good at this" for your opponent will immediately come back with the best, highest counting word known to mankind.
  4. Sometimes you need to take a break and come back to the game with a fresh set of eyes. Move away from it and try again later, after you have put your mind on something else.
  5. Play with folks you like. No sense in entering into something that is supposed to be fun unless you have loved ones along with you.
  6. And don't forget to have fun. Don't take the game too seriously. If you aren't enjoying it, then it's not worth playing.



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