Friday, January 20, 2012

List 3 - Things I learned from having babies that I should be putting to good use now

If you've had babies around your house, you'll remember these.  If you have them now, you probably won't laugh.  If you have not shared a home with a baby, maybe this list will give you some ideas to implement.  

What I Learned from Having Babies that I Should be Putting to Good Use Now:
  1. If you are out of glue and need to adhere something to a surface, use Cheerios soaked in milk. You may feel free to use "Oat-i-ooos" or any other generic brand - they apparently contain the same magic sticking ingredient.  This method is every bit as good as any 'super glue' product, so feel free to put milky Cheerios on top of your hard hat and attach to a board, suspended from a 100 ft. high bridge.  It will hold you.  WARNING:  Do not let any of the wet Cheerios drop on the floor.  They will become part of the surface.
  2. Everyone needs an object that makes them feel better.  Grown ups might not want to have a pacifier or a thumb anymore, but you can find something that works.  I have a really cool and soft, brightly colored blanket that we bought on a trip a few years ago.  The women in the shop in Bronxville, NY told us that it was printed by hand by women in India.  It could be the softest thing ever.  Sometimes I can feel better just thinking about it.  
  3. If you are really, really, really mad at someone and want to make them suffer, without leading to serious physical complications, try this:  Purchase a sippy cup with a screw off lid.  Fill said cup with milk.  Put it in your car.  Let it settle in a spot like under the seat or on the floor and stay for a few days (summer days are best).  DO NOT OPEN TOP UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO CAUSE SUFFERING.  Upon seeing the person in question, give them the cup and ask them to take off the top and smell.  It could take years for them to get over the experience.  Immediately throw the cup away.  It must not be salvaged and can never be cleaned to original condition.
  4. There is nothing like being read to.  No matter the age, it's good to have someone read to us or tell us a story.  You'll see; try it.  Choose someone you love, whose voice is soothing to you, ask them to begin and then just relax.  It's okay to close your eyes.  Sometimes you can create the illustrations in your brain.  It will give you a warm feeling.
  5. If you're out of sorts, paint a picture.  Find a good spot and just start painting.  It doesn't matter what you paint with; you can use watercolors, acrylics, pudding, even plain old water.  You don't even have to know what you're painting, and it's not necessary to keep the finished product.  You might notice that you begin to forget yourself just a bit, and you may even begin whistling or humming.  You will feel better.  My children always removed their shirts before painting, but consider for yourself whether or not that is a good idea.
  6. Water makes everything better.  Any mood can be lifted with water.  If a bad mood comes on, quickly move to the nearest source, including but not limited to:  beach, bathtub, kitchen sink, mud puddle, pool, shower, or creek.  If you are inside, you may introduce bubbles for an even groovier experience.  
  7. Use more than one of your senses.  It's never enough to just see something.  Make sure you get to touch it or smell it or taste it or listen to it.  If you can figure out a way to play with it, that's a plus.
  8. If it's playtime and something is no longer fun; move on.  You are in control.  If you are bored or tired or need a new experience, try something else.  Some stuff is only interesting for a while.  
  9. Trust your instincts.  We all know what (and who) is good for us.  Go with your gut.  People that make you feel like waving your hands around are good for you.  People that make your heart feel sort of heavy aren't so good for you.  
  10. End the day with the people or things that make you feel good.  That might be your doggie or a hot bath or a good book or your favorite person or your softest pjs or warm milk.  Try to make that a habit.

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  1. This is a great list for your mental health! Love, Dad


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