Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Wednesday Pop - vol. 7 . . . It's Hammock Time

My Dad is a smart man.  I've told you that before.  He has a lot of things figured out, and it may surprise you that he is also the world's great rester.  Yes, rester.  He has an unbelievable talent with rest.

He is able to take a short nap in almost any place you could imagine!  He naps on the couch in his office.  He can nap on the ground during a picnic.  He once found a room away from the action and napped while we spent the day at my kids' school!  He's a champion rester!

He slips away from a family gathering, finds a bed, has a rest and gets involved in the conversation again, faster than you would believe.  While the rest of the folks sit around complaining about all that needs to be done or yawning lazily as the conversation lags, he takes a nap!  Oddly enough, when he arises, he's whistling a happy tune and running circles around the rest of us!

I love a good hammock - I assume everyone does - but no one has the relationship with the hammock that my father does.  He is one with any hammock he has ever met!  So, here is where I relate my unbelievable trip to Nicaragua to my Dad's love for resting . . .

In Nicaragua, there are hammocks everywhere!  Unlike our backyard hammocks, swaying alone in the breeze, these hammocks are used and used all of the time!

Are the folks in Nicaragua lazy?  Are they trying to dream away their work?  Do they not have enough to do?

Nope, that's not it.  They have plenty to do, just like my Dad.  Funny thing, though . . . they've figured out that more gets done when one is rested.  They've also figured out that a body and a mind needs rest and that sometimes just dreamily watching the waves or praying or meditating right in the middle of a day is a very good thing.

Once on my trip, I found myself in a hammock.  (Well, actually more than once I found myself in a hammock, but that's not the point here.)  I was talking with another friend on the trip, and we were discussing how odd it was to 'just rest' right in the middle of the day.  I began to think about Pop, my Dad, and something very important dawned on me . . . 

He might rest more than anyone I know, but he also gets more done than anyone I know.  What's up with that?  Apparently, my Dad and some friends in a far away land have discovered something that the rest of us busy people don't yet understand.  

It makes sense to rest in the middle of the day when a body and a mind get tired or when the sun beats down so heavily that simple movements are difficult.

Folks who rest more, do more.  It's that easy.  So, why don't I act on that?  Why don't you?  Why do we feel like we have to act busy all of the time?  Who's watching?  Why do we care?

Seems to me, I just visited with folks who understand far more than most of us.  They have cool, colorful hammocks at their houses, and they use them.

Sometimes they take to a hammock when they are tired from the morning's work.  Sometimes they get in side by side hammocks and have lazy visits, talking about whatever arises.  And sometimes, they just take a few minutes or a few hours and get away from their real world to spend a while with God or with themselves.  Sometimes they just rest.

I'm more than impressed by this talent.  I want to put into action what my Dad and my friends in Nicargaua already know.  

Resting is a good thing.  

A very good thing.  

I think we should start a trend.  What do you think?


  1. Hi Deana: I saw than Tim had posted your blog on Facebook so I read it.. how wonderful. My Daddy was a great rester, coming home from his busy day treating patients to have a half-hour cat nap before heading back at it. I, too, know the value of a great nap (er, I guess I am supposed to be reading but the eyes just kind of close all by themselves. Thank you for the memory. My dad is at this moment resting for his life, having contracted pneumonia and is in the hospital. As a writer, I have been struggling with what to say about his illness. but perhaps you have given me a clue.. Blessings. Susan Rountree, St. Michael's, Raleigh.

    ps: I LOVE your photos!

    1. Susan - So fun to hear from you! Thanks for checking in! I can tell you had a very special Dad, too. We are blessed, to be sure! I've decided to use Wednesdays on the blog to talk about my Dad. I'd love for you to follow along and I'd love to hear what you are writing! I hope all is well in Raleigh and at St. Michael's! We think of you all often and have such good memories of being there. It was a short time, but it was a good beginning for us.
      We were in Covington for 13 years, and it was great. We loved our church so much and it was a wonderful place to have little kids. We just moved in August to Columbus, Ga and we're loving it! Life is good! I hope all is well with you and yours, too! Please give everyone our hellos! Thanks again for being in touch - Deana


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